Never Miss Out Again

We Set Out On A Mission...

CHAY created the perfect vodka and ready to drink cocktails, so you never miss out again! We are proud to offer mindful drinkers the well-balance answers the world has been looking for!

Zero Net Carbs

Leave the carbs out of it!

Zero Sugar

Stop having sugar for a good time!

Plant-Based Sweetened

Sweetened with Allulose, a plant-based sugar!


Delicious Flavors



"Taste’s exactly like its name! The vanilla and espresso ratio is perfect!"

Vanilla was an immediate crowd pleaser. Dangerously good for being zero carbs!”

“The sweetness of the Hibiscus was very natural. Desired to drink on the rocks for those hot summer days!” 

Coconut mojito was very balanced and went down a little too easy! 

“The lemon in CHAY is very true to taste, lacks artificial taste that can easily come to the forefront.” 

Behind Chay

Based On A True Story...

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