Coconut Vodka

Introducing CHAY Coconut-infused vodka so you never have to miss out again. Made with natural flavors and pre-sweetened with a plant-based alternative, this better-foryou vodka is crafted with zero sugar, low carb, and low calories. This tropical vodka tastes like a fusion of coconut, transporting you to an island oasis with every sip.
30% ALC, 60 Proof

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"Really appealed to the coconut lovers! Coconut was balanced, not over-powering and gave the perfect amount of sweetness!"

Vanilla was an immediate crowd pleaser. Dangerously good for being zero carbs!”

“The sweetness of the Hibiscus was very natural. Desired to drink on the rocks for those hot summer days!” 

“The lemon in CHAY is very true to taste, lacks artificial taste that can easily come to the forefront.” 

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